07 Juli 2011

Hua Hin Stone Park – A unique attraction worth exploring

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Considered as the first glamorous getaway of Thailand, Hua Hin welcomes visitors to a delightful holiday experience. The home of the popular landmark Phra Ratchawang Klai Kangwon Palace which was constructed by an Italian architect, Hua Hin is the most ancient and traditional resort in Thailand. In addition to stretches of pristine beaches, the region boasts the highest density of world-class golf courses. Combining the allure of a charming and fascinating fishing port with the appeal of a modern holiday destination, the region is preferred by many holidaying travellers as an ideal vacation spot.

Primarily a beach resort, the town is home to several historic temples as palaces located amid beautiful scenery. The natural splendour abundant in the area including swamps, stunning waterfalls, national parks, mountains, underwater caves and especially the wildlife, makes it a paradise on earth. In addition to beaches near urbanised areas, the town also boasts secluded beaches favoured by many foreigners.

Hua Hin was given its distinctive character by its royal endorsement. By building the Klai Kangwon Palace in the 1920’s, King Rama VII created a vogue among the high-class society to see Hua Hin as the ideal retreat to escape from the summer heat of Bangkok. Even at present, it is the summer palace of the Royal Family.

Among the many attractions in this charming city are an arts and crafts centre, Khao Takiap, Koh Singto, Khao Tao, Sam Roi Yot National Park, Khao Chong Krachok and Khao Hin Thoen Stone Park.

After travelling along a highway and turning right, one can reach the Khao Hin Thoen Stone Park located to the west of the town. The stone park contains large stones and wide rocky fields that can be reached after strolling along the narrow paths. These rocky fields are located on a mountain top facing breathtaking scenery of the city and the blue sea.

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