28 Juli 2011

National Museum Singapore – Delve into Singapore’s rich past

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A premier tourist attraction, the National Museum of Singapore hails as the oldest museum in the country. Travellers to Singapore will find touring around the museum a fascinating journey as it will bring much insight to Singapore’s rich historical and cultural background. The building itself will be a charming sight for the first time visitor as it flaunts an old building structure that has been the home to the museum for almost 119 years. A monument by its own right, it located on Stamford Road.

Found in 1887, the National Museum of Singapore is one of the three national museums in the country. Even though it is regarded as the oldest, it emanates an innovative soul which makes strolling around the exhibits even more interesting. Focusing mainly on the history of Singapore, it is home to some of the best collections, which are deeply rooted to Singapore vibrant culture.

Previously known as the Singapore History Museum, the National Museum of Singapore has gone through drastic changes over the years. Having undergone an estimate of three and half years of renovations and restorations, the refurbished museum was re-opened to the public on December 2nd 2006. The celebration brought together a large crowd of luminaries and famous personalities, including the President of Singapore, S. R Nathan. Also present at the opening was the Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts, Lee Boon Yang.

Featuring an array of features, some of which have been introduced after its re-opening, one that stands out the most is the Singapore History Gallery. Having opened on the same year on December 8th, it features a story-telling approach of narrating the epic tales of Singapore’s past. Travellers will be taken through the major events that occurred in Singapore, including the struggles of the early settlers. In addition, the gallery will unveil different perspectives of the ancient legends, incorporating personal stories from individuals.

An architectural gem, the museum houses an array of artifacts, photographs, replicas, and a variety of items which showcase the nation’s long history. Among them are 11 National Treasures and Living Galleries which present a unique way of narrating Singapore’s culture from food and fashion to film and photography.

Redefining a true museum experience, there are also lectures theatres, exhibitions, public sculpture gardens, souvenir shops, restaurants and a centre for education and resource for the traveller.

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