28 Juli 2011

Knott’s Berry Farm - excitement guaranteed!

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Knott’s Berry Farm might not sound like the place where you could have a memorable time with your family does it? But for many locals Knott’s Berry Farm is exactly the place for thrills and spills that will last you a life time. Although there is much debate about its slogan which is “America’s 1st Theme Park”, Knott’s Berry Farm is said to have entertained visitors since 1940. Walter Knott came up with the idea of building a ghost town because he wanted to look for a way to entertain the guests of his restaurant who stood for hours in long queues waiting to get a taste of his wife’s mouthwatering fried chicken, it is fair to class this effort as America’s first theme park simply because its purpose was to entertain. The only rivalry to this position comes from Disneyland which was opened in 1955.

Leaving all historical debates aside, Knott’s Berry Farm is a much loved location when it comes to family entertainment. This magical theme park has a homely atmosphere where every visitor fits right in. This theme park is home to no less than 9 roller coasters. The Boomerang is a relentless ride of exhilarating action where you’re offered no respite as it reaches unimaginable speeds and plunges you down with no warning at all. Ghost Rider is a wooden roller coaster which takes you through a mysterious mine and is one of the tallest and longest of its kind in the region.

Camp Spooky and Halloween Haunt are other favourites among regular visitors to the park and Knott’s Berry Farm’s Live Entertainment shows will take your kids in to a magical world of fantasy. Johnny Rockets and Broadwalk Barbeque is a couple of food outlets you might want to grab a bite at in between all the action.

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