17 Desember 2010

Indonesia vs Philippines AFF Cup 2010

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Video Indonesia vs Philippines 1-0 in the semi-final first leg AFF Cup 2010 in Bung Karno Stadium, you can see below where Indonesia won with the score 1-0 through Cristian Gonzalez's header goal in minute 32 in the middle of the second half.

This goal was greeted happily jump in President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono who is
the tribune of honor and tens of thousands of Indonesian sporter that are directly watch the game.

In a match Indonesia vs Philippines is seen both teams hit each other, Indonesia themselves struggling early in the first half of the new round of attacks filipino to 30 minutes long bait Utina Word failed to anticipate that Etheridge and Gonzalez headed the ball towards goal to create a goal.

By looking at the video game seem Indonesia vs Philippines team controlled the game in Indonesia does not produce some additional goal to remember during the second round of Indonesia to master the game. But with this victory would be important for the Indonesian capital to advance to the AFF Cup semi-final second leg on 19 December in the same stadium.

Here is the composition of players:
Indonesia: Markus Haris Maulana; M Nasuha (Beny Wahyudi'84), Zulkifli Syukur, Maman, Hamka Hamzah; Firman Utina, Ahmad Bustomi, Oktovianus Maniani (Arif Suyono'60), M Ridwan; Irfan Bachdim (Bambang Pamungkas'67), Cristian Gonzales.
Filipina: Neil Leonard Dula; Robert James Dazo Gier, Anton Edward, Roel Jimena, Jason Nicolas Mari Dantes; James Younghusband, Nestorio Braga, Ian Bayona Araneta (Emelio Caligdong'59), Ray Anthony Pepito; Christopher Greatwich, Philip Younghusband.

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boejang senang mengatakan...

the markus kepala pluntus tendangannya membuat orang mampus apalagi sodokannya membuat us us.....jiahahahaha

Anonim mengatakan...

tak ada jaminan tuk masa depan bisa mengalah kan filipina dgn mudah..ini filipina berbeda...songsong masa depanmu timnas Filipina The Azkals

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