29 Juli 2010

Band Indonesia Era 50'an go International

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Tielman Brothers Band - Rollin 'Rock (live Dutch TV show Jan.1960)a band from Indonesia. Their music is rock and roll, but people in the Netherlands used to call them Indorock music, a blend of Indonesian and Western music, and have rootin Keroncong. Tielman Brothers is a Dutch-Indonesian band's first successful international entry in the 1950s. They are one of the pioneers of rock and roll in the Netherlands. The band is quite famous in Europe, long before The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Tielman Brothers has appeared at the State Palace in Jakarta in front of President Sukarno. They are the children of Herman Tielman from Kupang and Flora Lorine Hess from Semarang. Their recording career began when in 1957 Tielman family migrated and settled in Breda, Netherlands. Tielman Brothers name better known in Europe, particularly Holland. In Indonesia alone, the name Tielman Brothers is still a foreign name, a fact which is very unfortunate. Tielman Brothers believed it first introduced the rock music before the Beatles. Action stage, they are known to always attractive and entertaining. They perform while jumping up and down, rolling, and featuring guitar, bass, and drums are charming. Andy Tielman, the frontman, even believed to have popularized the attraction of playing guitar with his teeth, behind the head or behind the body long before Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page or Ritchie Blackmore. [2] Tielman Brothers musical journey started in Surabaya in 1945, where four male siblings and a younger sister, Jane, is often performed songs and dance area. Their musical ability inherited from his father, Herman Tielman, a captain of the Colonial Army soldiers, who often played music with his friends at his home in Surabaya. Starting from an interest to play a contrabass Ponthon who followed his brothers to another. Reggy learn the banjo, Loulou learn the drums, and Andy learn guitar. Their first appearance at the party at his house to make friends with his father's admiration difficult songs such as Tiger Rag and 12th Street Rag. Since then they often perform at private events in Surabaya. Bids also appear to arrive from various regions in Indonesia. Until finally in 1957 the family decided to migrate to the Netherlands.

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