14 April 2012

Pura Uluwatu

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Pura Uluwatu Bali which has a status as Jagat Pura Sad heaven or a support shaft of the wind the island of Bali. Situated atop a cliff with a height of about 97 m above sea level. Location of the founding of the temple building that makes the tourists who come to visit not only can enjoy the atmosphere of the sacred and religious, but also beautiful scenery. This location is also giving rise to the name of Uluwatu in Sanskrit which means the top of the stone.

Pura Uluwatu - Bali Tourism Object In South
In contrast to the views of Tanah Lot temple, tourists who travel to this temple will see a wide expanse of the Indian Ocean with the waves that hit the foot of the cliff. In addition, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful sunset of tourism in Bali.

In addition to the attraction, tourists can also watch the traditional dance of Bali, Uluwatu Kecak Dance ie. This dance is performed by dancers 50-100. Kecak dancers will sit in a circle and wearing a black and white sarong. The dancers usually male and usually play that told the story of Ramayana. Kecak dance is the hallmark of sound cak, cak, cak dancers, spoken by male dancers such as bersahut-replication. This dance is usually performed at 6:00 p.m. to 19:00 pm.

About the exact location of Uluwatu temple in the village Luhur Pecatu, District of South Kuta, Badung regency of Bali. The distance from the Ngurah Rai Airport to Uluwatu Bali, about 30 minutes to the south by private vehicle or public transportation.

Travelers who do not bring food or drink, not to worry. Because, in this tourist area there are many stalls selling food and drinks. In addition, tourists can also find many restaurants serving a variety of food or beverage menu with varying prices. Meanwhile, for tourists who want to stay, in the vicinity of this tour there are also many inns with various types. Starting from grade jasmine, villas, up to five-star hotel. Vacations in Bali would be very nice if a visit to the temple Uluwatu Bali.


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