19 Maret 2012

A Weekend Getaway for the Whole Family – Al Bidda Park

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Qatar’s capital city, Doha, is one of the country’s largest and most populous cities. This urbanized city is one which is full of history, attractions and landmarks, with a bustling society. Due to these reasons the Qatari capital also attracts many tourists each year, who come to witness the beauty and popular attractions of the city.
Among the many attractions of the city, one which can be enjoyed by the whole family, especially the youth, is the Al Bidda Park. The Al Bidda Park, more commonly known as the Rumeila Park, is one of Doha’s most popular parks, which is loved by locals as well as tourists alike.

Located on the splendid Doha Corniche, a promenade stretching along the waterfront of the Doha Bay, this recreational area is one of the highlights of the area, and people can be seen lingering in the premises of the park well after dark. The Al Bidda Park has many lush green fields, pools of clear blue water, large shady trees, and beautiful fountains which make it an ideal location for the whole family to spend a day, and have a memorable family picnic. The park’s location is such that it overlooks the Doha Bay, and therefore offers a magnificent view of the sunset and the sea in the evenings. One need not worry about keeping the kids entertained while at Al Bidda Park, as not only is it large and relaxing, it also has one of the best play areas in Qatar. This massive outdoor play area has many skate ramps, climbing frames, swings and ropes, placed on a large patch of soft sand, making it an ideal area for the kids. Just outside and around the park are many restaurants and cafés, where one can get a good meal to eat after a fun day at this amazing park.

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