06 Maret 2012

Munneswaram Temple – a significant Hindu religious site

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Sri Lanka is a land of diversity and a place where a number of religious groups and ethnicities live in harmony. Thus, the whole island is scattered with age old Buddhist temples, Hindu shrines, historic churches as well as mosques. Amongst these varied places of spiritual significance Munneswaram Temple in the Western Coast takes a special place. It is located in Puttalam District.

It is believed that the temple has been in existence since 1000 CE and it is one of the four most significant Hindu places of worship dedicated to Lord Shiva in the country in the four directions and this temple is regarded as the milestone in the Western coast. The holy site is also considered to be part of the Ramayana, the classic Indian epic involving the story of Rama and Seeta.

The premises has five different shrines, with the main shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The other temples include a shrine for Buddhist devotees, a place of worship for Goddess Kali, Lord Ganesha and the regional deity Aiyyanayaka. Thus, as a result, devotees from various spiritual backgrounds visit the holy site.

As with every other place of spiritual significance in the country, there are special events celebrated in a massive scale in this place as well. Shiva Rathri and Navarathri are the two biggest festivals here. Navrathri is a nine day long colourful event. In addition the Munneswaram temple festival, the holy setting’s own annual religious fest also receives much publicity. The events last four weeks and they are participated by not just Hindus but also Buddhists, Christians and even Muslims.

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