01 Februari 2012

Youyillin Park – Wuxi's Tourist Attractions

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China promises visitors an adventure of epic proportions. Boasting some of the world's most stunning landscapes, the country has quickly grown into a popular tourist destination. From bustling modern cities to idyllic rural countryside, few other tourist destinations can match China's versatility. Visitors can count on a dizzying array of sights and experiences awaiting them around each corner. First time visitors should prepare for some shock and disorientation. While local customs and traditions may seem strange at first, it is hard not to feel privileged when given the opportunity to enjoy them.

Despite having plenty of terrific tourist spots within the country, few tourists venture outside of Beijing and Shanghai. This means that most of the country's best tourist attractions are not very crowded. Vacationers looking for a change of scenery should try visiting Wuxi, which is located south of the Jiangsu province. Built on the Yangtze River, Wuxi is roughly 128 kilometres from Shanghai. The city has a recorded history that goes back three thousand years and is a very scenic place, enjoying pleasant weather throughout the year (average annual temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius). The area is filled with plenty of hills and lakes and has a large network of rivers that snake across open plains.

Among the city's notable tourist spots is Youyillin Park, which is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the glorious outdoors. Visitors can pack a small picnic and while away a slow afternoon at the park. Another scenic spot to visit is Tai Lake which is located on the Yangtze delta plain. The lake, with its silvery waters, is surrounded by lush vegetation and gentle hills. One can enjoy terrific views of the lake from the top of the Dragon Light Pagoda at the Xihui Park, which is situated in the west of Wuxi. The Lingshan Grand Buddha is another popular local attraction.

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