05 Februari 2012

Wat Khunaram - The temple that displays the mummified statue of a monk

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Wat Khunaram temple is home to one of the most remarkable sightings of a mummified Buddhist monk who passed away nearly two decades ago. The mummified corpse of this Buddhist monk, who entered a spiritual life at the age of 50 is displayed in a meditating position, just as he was at the time when he passed away. It is said, that his body simply did not for unexplained reasons, undergo the normal process of decomposing and therefore his relatives and friends made his corpse lie in a glass casket in an upright posture as he was found.

Wat Kuunaram can be found between Na Muang waterfalls and Hua Thanon district in Ko Samui and is mostly known for this famous mummified monk, who was in real life known as the Luang Por Daeng Piyasilo. The temple complex, which is an admirable construction and can be visited without a fee, consists of two temples, the smaller one of which houses the monk’s remains. The next larger one is beautifully crafted and together they manage to project an unusual but unique temple which can be visited free of charge.

Any visitor would find it extremely remarkable that the corpse has sustained very few alteration and degeneration throughout the 20 years. To a Buddhist, this exhibit is reminiscent of Buddhist teachings and an excellent opportunity to get inspired into the religious background. The monk, who has rejoined the monk state at the age of 50 years, having left it at a younger age before, was said to have predicted the day of his own death. Today, it has defied not only the time wrought changes and phenomena, but stands to challenge a great many other mythical beliefs and pose as a testimony to Lord Buddha’s teachings. 

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