10 Februari 2012

The Phoenix Zoo – Going Wild In Arizona!

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The capital of the American state of Arizona, Phoenix is a lively city that offers visitors a wide range of cultural and family activities. The Heard Museum, Pueblo Grande Museum, the Phoenix Symphony Hall and the Musical Instrument Museum are some of the local attractions worth visiting. Those traveling with children can also head to such places of interest as the Arizona Science Center, PhxArtKids and the Phoenix Zoo.

Established in 1962, the Phoenix Zoo was the brainchild of Robert E. Maytag who strove to gain community support for this project. Spread across an area of around 125 acres, the zoo is today one of the country’s most successful privately owned zoological parks, home to over 1,300 animals from various parts of the world including mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, birds and fish. A non-profit organization, the zoo also focuses on persevering wildlife and while it houses approximately 200 endangered species, it is also engaged in Species Survival Plans that looks to breed and increase the population of these animals that are dangerously close to extinction.

Within the park one will find a variety of walking trails that take visitors through four specific sections, namely the Africa, Arizona, Tropics and Children’s trails. The animals themselves are housed within exhibits that have been designed to resemble their natural habitats and offer countless hours of observational fun for the entire family.

Among the notable attractions here is the Giraffe Encounter where one can actually feed giraffes, Camel Rides which also offer unforgettable photo opportunities, Monkey Village which is home to adorable and sometimes mischievous squirrel monkeys and Stingray Bay where visitors have the unique opportunity to feed and even pet stingrays!

Children will love heading to the Petting Zoo and the Little People Discovery Farm, while the Endangered Species Carousel features models of endangered animals. A good way to explore the park is by taking the Safari Train that provides a narrated guide as it visits some of the park’s most well known attractions.

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