02 Februari 2012

Papago Park, a natural wonder

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Arizona’s expansive Papago Park is a popular leisure destination, offering something for everyone irrespective of taste or preference. Here visitors will be able to admire Arizona’s mountain and desert landscapes while hiking along the numerous foot trails. Alternatively you may take a mountain bike excursion through the area. Many families also choose to enjoy a picnic at this picturesque location, which also features softball and baseball fields, a little lake and other attractions.  The parkland is bordered by the cities of Tempe, Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Visitors should take the opportunity to explore the picturesque environs, the varied regional attractions and the vibrant cultural heritage of the region. Guests will be able to gain an understanding of the local culture and unique geography, and take a leisurely stroll amongst the characteristic reddish rocks of the area. Golf enthusiasts may choose to play a round at the local golf course.

The park spans over an extent of no less than 1200 acres and one of its distinctive landmarks is the unmistakable Hole-in-the Rock, a fascinating natural formation. The park is also noted for its diverse array of well-known desert vegetation such as the huge saguaro cactus.

The well-known Phoenix Zoo located in Papago Park has been acclaimed as being one of the most attractive zoos in the United States for children. The zoo presents many opportunities for children to get up close with animals, with such attractions as camel rides, giraffe encounters, monkey village and a petting zoo. The zoo is organized into four principal trails, or themed areas; namely the Africa Trail (African animals), Arizona Trail (fauna and flora from the American southwest), Tropics Trail (rainforest residents) and the special Children’s Trail.

Another key feature at Papago is the highly esteemed Desert Botanical Garden, which has a history stretching back over 70 years. The garden presently boasts 65 acres of cultivation, more than 50,000 displays of plants in attractive outdoor settings and an exalted status as one of the United States’ finest botanical gardens.

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