02 Februari 2012

Japanese Arts and Culture

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From the day to day lives of its people, to the architecture, the cityscape, the colours, the smells, the sounds and the total feel of the atmosphere is in itself a unique cultural experience depicting the traditions of the Japanese people for centuries.

The country, though very modern in most aspects, still maintains its traditional culture. The general lifestyle of the people still depends a lot on the age-old traditions. For most visitors to Japan the best and the most authentic Japanese experience can be gained through their amazing cuisine. This along with a sightseeing tour of one of the main cities gives the visitor a chance to experience most of the traditional culture of the Japanese. For a much better understanding, visitors can also explore the architectural styles, art galleries, long-established theatre and other ceremonies.

As the original culture of the Japanese people have evolved over the years, today it displays the influence of North Americans, Europeans and other Asians. Most of the visual and performing arts as well as the architecture and gardens depict a style unique to them.

Paintings, papermaking and calligraphy all depict an interesting element from their history. Traditional sculptures are based on Buddhism and most are on display in the local temples. Ukiyo-e and ikebana are also two other forms of visual arts which are unique to this country. The traditional theatres of Kabuki, bunraku, Kyogen and noh use different styles of dance and gestures with colourful masks and costumes to support the characters. The indigenous architecture can be seen at Shinto shrines, temples and castles. The Zen inspired garden is one such place.

Visitors can explore all the aspets of this society in the country’s busy capital – Tokyo. Though the modern fa├žade hides the actual beauty of the country if you have ample time the traditions of the Japanese can easily be experience here. For a longer stay in the capital try a Tokyo serviced apartment at Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo which offers easy access to the city’s attractions. For the best deals in hotels and service apartments Tokyo has on offer make your bookings online.