09 Februari 2012

The Family Garden by the Corniche, a notable leisure destination

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In recent years Abu Dhabi has consolidated its status as a significant tourist destination. Blessed with appealing sandy beaches and splendid sunny weather it is not surprising that many holidaymakers are choosing the desert Emirate for their vacations. The renowned Corniche, a grand avenue which extends along the shores of the expansive Arabian Gulf is one of the prime leisure destinations in the city.

The Corniche offers many attractions, from active pursuits or leisurely sunbathing to exploring the numerous cultural sites. The thoroughfare is particularly esteemed by the holidaymakers who converge on the site to access the sandy beaches, an array of attractive spaces of greenery or the Heritage Village. Additionally the locale features inviting stretches of wide pavement, ideal for jogging, exploring on a rented bicycle or an enjoyable session of roller skating.

Visitors only have to pay a small fee to access the public beach where they may relax after an active day or a tiring flight. Along the sides of the Corniche you will find many appealing cafes where you may enjoy some delicious Arabian coffee in idyllic surroundings. The splendid avenue features numerous gardens and excellent picnic spots, with many attractive children’s play areas. The appealing Family Garden which runs adjacent to the thoroughfare is a perfect location for a pleasant stroll amidst a verdant area of greenery.

Visitors should not miss the opportunity to visit The Heritage Village, which is considered to be a location which should be on the itinerary of every visitor to the city. This establishment is a recreation of a typical oasis village and contains a souk – a traditional marketplace – and replicas of authentic Bedouin tents as well as a craft shop. At this site visitors will be able to observe the typical lifestyle of the residents of the region in years past.

You will also enjoy visiting the renowned Marina Mall with its myriad of shopping opportunities and entertainment options including a cinema, bowling alley and musical fountains. Well-known brands, cafes and restaurants are all available at the mall.

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