09 Februari 2012

Experience the Mysteries of Ocean Life at the Guangzhou Ocean World

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The Guangzhou Ocean World, part of the Guangzhou Zoo is also located in its complex. It portrays many exhibitions which aim to showcase the origins and life of marine flora and fauna whilst attempting to unravel the mysteries of the oceanic world. The Guangzhou Ocean World is a large complex of about 13,000 square meters and is home to more than 200 species of marine life including numerous fish as well as rare oceanic creatures. It is a recent addition to the already vast Guangzhou Zoo and was recently established as scientific research center by the Technology Association of Guangdong Province for the basis of study of marine life.

Visitors are first treated to an exhibition of sculptures named the ‘Ocean Square’ which portrays the development and evolution of marine life from the history of time to today. Next in line, is the exhibition hall which needs to be entered through a series of elevators, where coral thickets and its forms of life in the form of a tunnel fools the visitor into thinking that he is in the ocean itself, as the tunnel is very real and up-close. Exiting this maze of tunnels, visitors are greeted by a large column of kelp attracting numerous fish species towards it. The next important point of interest is the ‘Deep Sea Scenery’ which is one of the largest display tanks in China as it is about 10 meters deep and holds over 1 million liters of water. It is here that visitors truly witness the marvels of ocean life as schools of fish swim in unison towards breathtaking coral reefs. Other aspects of interest include the ‘Freshwater World’ exhibit incorporating aquatic life that thrives in freshwater. Furthermore other sea creatures such as sharks, turtles, penguins and seals are also housed in various exhibits, in addition to other arenas such as an ocean theater, a touching pond and educational hall.

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