12 Januari 2012

Temple Street Night Market – Shopping in Hong Kong

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Temple Street is located near Yau Ma Tei and Jordan in Hong Kong's lively Kowloon area. It is famous for its night market which is undeniably one of the busiest in the city. The place was actually built during the Qing Dynasty and got its name after a temple to Tin Hau was established there. It is also popularly called Men's Street, as there are a number of places that cater exclusively to men's fashion. Although the market opens for business by around 2 pm in the afternoon, it does not really get into the swing of things until dusk. As the sun starts to go down, the street is closed to vehicular traffic and people (locals and foreigners alike) throng the area for a night of food, shopping and fun.

With over a hundred stalls selling everything including antiques, jewellery, clothes, electronics and shoes, the Temple Street Night Market is one of the best places to get cheap merchandise. As with many other markets in the city, the sellers expect their customers to bargain. First time visitors will be surprised to find proper shops hidden behind the brightly lit stalls. The products sold at the shops are generally of a higher quality to those found in the stalls.

The night market is also a terrific place to sample the exotic local cuisine. There are many road side vendors who serve delicious food at very low prices, and one will find it very difficult to navigate the crowds without succumbing to the mouth watering aromas. Since 2003, a special Temple Street Festival has been carried out annually, and is a 'must visit' for those lucky enough to be in Hong Kong when the festival is celebrated.

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