08 Januari 2012

Ragunan Zoo, a delight for the wildlife lover

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The renowned Ragunan Zoo has gained a reputation as one of the outstanding institutions of its kind in the region. Located in South Jakarta the zoo is noted for its diverse collection including no less than 270 animal species and 171 flora varieties. The total number of resident creatures including birds is in excess of 3,000 specimens. Set in a verdant tropical environment, animals indigenous to the area such as the orangutan, komodo dragon, anoa, tapir, banteng wild ox, Sumatran tiger and numerous exotic birds are prominently seen.
A noteworthy attraction in the premises is the Schmutzer Primate Centre which is in fact managed independently. Here visitors will see chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas and other primates. The Centre is one of the biggest of its nature on the globe.

Ragunan Zoo features numerous large predators including leopards, lions and tigers; white Bengal tigers are a highlight. Additionally you will see creatures like the sun bear and the American Black Bear. Smaller mammals include such interesting specimens as the tapir, babirusa, llama, Arabian oryx, camel, antelope, Javan porcupine, Java mouse deer, Asian palm civet, macaque, langur and gibbon amongst many others.
The reptile exhibit is always popular, containing both non-poisonous and poisonous snakes such as albino pythons, Asian reticulated pythons and king cobras. Other reptiles such as the saltwater crocodile, gavial and Komodo dragon are housed in environments which match their requirements.

Not to be missed is the zoo’s collection of birds, with avian residents located in expansive aviaries and smaller enclosures. Highlights include the Indian peafowl, Javan peafowl, brahminy kite, white-bellied sea-eagle, Javan hawk-eagle, crested serpent-eagle, palm cockatoo, Bali starling, flamingo, common hill mynah, hornbill, pheasants and parrots. Large birds like the emu, ostrich and cassowary may also be seen.

Ragunan Zoo is also noted for its conservation, breeding, research and educational initiatives. Animals such as the Sumatran tiger, white tiger, orangutan, pythons, komodo dragon and various birds have been successfully bred at the zoo. Interestingly the zoo management plans to release a large proportion of the indigenous wildlife into the local forests after proper nurturing and training.

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