11 Desember 2011

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology – Unravel the heritage of Vietnam

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The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is one of the premier attractions in the country. Presenting a wealth of information on the country’s 54 ethnic groups, it is of tremendous importance to the locals and is considered to be a valuable educational centre. Built with the intention of preserving the heritage and culture of the ethnic groups, it conducts a number of regular scientific research programs in order to learn more about the nation’s ethnic groups.

One of the finest public museums in the country, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology was founded in 1997. Today, it holds a large collection of artefacts and items including audiotapes, photographs and videotapes. In addition to researching, collecting, documenting and exhibiting, the museum plays a pivotal role in guiding the movement of ethnic conservation in the country relating to historic patrimony and cultural traditions. It also serves as a key player in the field of technology, paving the way for innovative techniques and ground-breaking advancements pertaining to the work of ethnography.

Among the items displayed at the prestigious museum are 237 audiotapes, 42,000 photographs, 25 CD-ROMs and 373 videotapes. In addition, there is a comprehensive collection of artefacts, which includes everyday objects and priceless antiquities. The everyday objects comprise items such as garments, knives, pipes, baskets, mats and flutes, representing the day-to-day lives of the people and the cultural heritage of the communities.  These artefacts and objects are categorized based on ethnicity, making up a total of 54 collections. Accompanying each collection is a panel of general information including illustrative photographs, explanations and maps.

As each individual ethnic group has their own collection, the collection covers areas such as beliefs, creative activities, social conduct, funeral ceremonies, religions, spiritual actions and wedding ceremonies. Travellers are also able to witness household utensils, weapons, fishing instruments, jewellery, clothing, agricultural tools and musical instruments. In addition to regular exhibitions, the museum has published a number of catalogues and books, relating to the ethnography of Vietnam.

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