21 Desember 2011

Kalpitiya Whale Watching – A Unique Family Adventure in Sri Lanka!

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In the Western province of Sri Lanka some 160 kms away from the capital Colombo is the beautiful un- spoilt city of Kalpitiya, which despite its natural beauty was not a popular tourist destination till relatively recently. Take a tour of this amazing city and you would be mesmerized at the plethora of activities there are to see, do and experience.

The most popular of all activities this city is famed for is whale and dolphin watching. Sail into the sparkling blue ocean and be fascinated by the variety of whales that gracefully surface giving passengers an exciting opportunity to witness these mighty creatures of the deep in their natural habitat. Care must be taken to be at the right place at the right time and for this it is better to choose recognized tour guides than taking on a whale watching adventure individually. Although whale sightings cannot be guaranteed, there are plenty of dolphins in the vicinity. With Spinner dolphins found in the hundreds in the area, prepare to enjoy the spectacular ‘show’ these friendly sea creatures put on.

Experience Sri Lanka from this charming coastal city. Untouched by tourism one can get a real insight into the village lifestyle where locals not only depict a pleasant simplicity but ample hospitality as well. With an array of fresh seafood on offer, dig into some traditional Lankan delights that will give you a blend of delicious and aromatic treats. Tour the city’s historic venues that include the St. Peter’s Kerk Church and the Dutch Fort that beautifully display the colonial heritage of the country.

Kalpitiya is also surrounded by scenic lagoons and rivers that will give you ample opportunity to enjoy leisurely boat and canoe rides. For those keen on snorkelling and scuba diving, the bar reef (Sri Lanka’s largest coral reef) is only an hour away and gives you plenty of opportunity to view an array of amazing corals.

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