19 Desember 2011

Enjoy the views from the Victoria Peak

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Referred to locally as the Peak and also known as Mount Austin, the Victoria Peak is in Hong Kong. It is placed in the western region of the Island. The peak is 552 m high and it is also considered as the highest peak of the island though there are higher mountains in the island as a whole.

The Peak is a popular attraction both among the locals and tourist and it attracts as many as seven million visitors in a year. Thus, it is indeed one of the biggest tourist hot spots in the country. Some of the key reasons why tourists throng here are due to the awe inspiring views it provides of the city as well as the harbours. There are also leisure activities and shopping options at the Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria that are located next to each other providing the visitors more than enough entertainment options.

However it has to be noted that the real summit of the Peak is not accessible by the visitors as there is a radio telecommunications tower located at the peak. There are numerous public parks as well as valuable residential property located around this. In the 19th Century this area became very popular among the European residents due to the beautiful views it provided from a higher altitude. The climate is also very temperate as opposed to the sub tropical climate of main city. The sixth governor of this state built a summer retreat in the area in the 19th century and most of the other bungalows that were constructed here were also given names that are more British or European perhaps due to the aura they had and the setting in which they were placed.

However the area did not attract much visitors or development due to its limited accessibility in the early days but since the tram to the peak was built in the late 19th century it started attracting many people. In the early 20th century the Peak was limited to non-Chinese residents and it remained an upmarket area. Today anyone who is wealthy enough can acquire property here.
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