26 November 2011

Phuket Aquarium, A fun way to spend an afternoon on the island

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So you want to spend a relaxing afternoon on the island of Phuket what could you do? Well how about visiting the local aquarium? The recently renovated Phuket Aquarium is the perfect way to spend an evening exploring the colourful array of species that surround the island or reside in the rivers of its forests. From the majestic sting rays to the colourful clown fish and everything in between the aquarium has a range of wonderous aquatic fauna that are sure delight the entire family. The aquarium even has special events where visitors get to interact with the animals such as playing or feeding dolphins. A Phuket resort is the best way to explore the island from. A Patong beach resort is a prime example. Take the Millennium Resort Patong Phuket, its prime location on the Patong strip gives guests easy access to entertainment and a prime stretch of beach.