04 November 2011

KL Bird Park, a visit to our feathered-friends!

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Stretching across over 20 acres of verdant valley terrain, in the tranquil surrounding of the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens lays the home to more than 3,000 birds identified to be among 200 species both indigenous and foreign. The park is carefully zoned into 4 parts that flutter with life through the free-flight zone, Hornbill Park and mini aviaries that house separate feathered-friends. Unique to other aviaries open across the world, is that the KL Bird Park introduced a free-flight concept where bird species are freed in environments that resemble their natural habitats making the breeding process natural.

Ensuring survival and continuity of the species, the free-flight concept of the park not only allows the birds to relax and adapt to the environment but it also allows visitors to experience the natural life and habitat of the species in a tropical rainforest environment.

The park is established a few minutes away from the capital allowing international visitors to plan their stay at a Kuala Lumpur hotel in the vicinity. A recommended accommodation option would be at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, a Kuala Lumpur luxury hotel, just ten minutes away from the KL Bird Park as well as a host of other attractions.