20 November 2011

Guangzhou Ocean World - the Ocean that is brought inland

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The latest high tech addition to the Guangzhou Zoo is the ocean world that is a man made marine world spread over a generous 13,000 square metres allowing super close viewing of the ocean as never before, and rare encounters with the sea and its creatures. Other than playing the role of an entertainment centre and exhibition hall, it also functions as the Guangdong educational base for popular marine science.

The journey into the Guangzhou Ocean World is definitely informative as well as entertaining. Before entering the viewing areas, the visitors are greeted with an educational session at the Ocean square where the beginning of life at sea and its evolution is portrayed. Travelling through the coral reef tunnel the visitors become surrounded by the ravishing glory of the China sea and its colourful inhabitants where they scurry among the thick coral thicket. The huge two story glass column is a spectacular sight itself with the giant kelp providing a backdrop for the fish to roam through, flaunting their myriad of coloured tails in playful competition.

Get enveloped by the tranquil ambience and mystical world of the unexplored depths of the sea with the ‘Deep Sea Scenery’ section. Find a multitude of fresh water fish at the Fresh water world. Prepare to be mesmerized by the sceneries of rare sights like shark hunting as well as alluring landscapes like snowing in southern China that is created inside the ocean world. For the more adventurous souls, there is nothing like getting right into the water for an exciting interactive session where you get to mingle with trained sharks and sea creatures with the perfect safety assurance or get amused by the shows of those adorable dolphins.

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