18 November 2011

Discover Hong Kong’s Captivating Modern Arts Space at the City Art Square

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Spread out across the landscaped environs of Sha Tin Town Hall Plaza lies Hong Kong’s self proclaimed arts and culture space dubbed the City Arts Square. Constructed in conjunction with the Beijing Olympic Games as a promotional project the public art installations scattered around the venue are the works of world renowned artists and architects from around the world and Hong Kong.

Having had the distinct honor of being the premier Hong Kong project to secure an illustrious Cityscape Architectural Award the City Arts Square was completed by the combined efforts of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) Charitable Fund. Having defeated 400 other candidates from across the globe in vision, concept and design the square was honored for its architectural prowess and significance as a unique and original public art display. Other accolades from the Hong Kong Art and Design Festival and Hong Kong Landscape Architects Association Awards have also been secured by the square which seamlessly integrates art with environmental designs and promotes community interaction with the pieces. With the aid of the Sha Tin District Council and the Hong Kong Olympic Committee the 190,000 square feet of space available outside New Town Plaza and Sha Tin Town Hall were converted into a creative showcase that combines art, architecture and landscaping elements. The 19 pieces of art on display are the works of renowned artists Dennis Oppenheim from the United States, Italian great Mimmo Paladino, Chinese artist Xu Bing as well as local architect Barrie Ho and Hong Kong greats James Law and Freeman Lau. Zaha Hadid and other celebrated architects of the world also contributed to this square which was built to inspire and nurture Hong Kong’s booming creative arts field.

Highlights include the massive decking patterns that resemble an origami carpet on the Eastern Strip of the square which folds into benches of varying sizes at different places. The Wedding Garden’s raised platform lawn is equally captivating as are the Engagement sculpture and the horticultural gateway that leads to a boardwalk. The wide variety of art works and sculptures at the City Art Square include environmental paintings, street furniture, art installations and artwork paving which differentiates this park from other sculptural parks in Asia.

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