28 November 2011

Deciphering the mysteries of the universe at the Adler Planetarium

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Away from the busy streets and the skyscrapers of Chicago is the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum. This attraction would not only interest avid star gazers but also the average tourist, whose grasp of astronomy is limited at best. Though many of us have visited a Planetarium as schoolchildren on a field trip of some sort or the other, the Adler Planetarium offers an experience that is far removed from the average “star gazing exercise.” Dedicated to educating the public of the importance of astronomy in our day to day lives and to encouraging exploration of the outer reaches of the universe, this attraction would definitely inspire you to take greater interest in things outside our atmosphere.

The Adler Planetarium has the added distinction of being the oldest of such institutions in existence today; however it is equipped with state of the art technology that assures an unparalleled experience. It was built in 1930 as a donation by the noted philanthropist Max Adler who had great interest in the infinite magic of the universe.
The Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum is located on Notherly Island as part of the Chicago Museum campus, which means it is located next to the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum of Natural History. This allows for an entire day of discovery for the whole family, as the activities need not be limited to only astronomy.

The planetarium is equipped with three state of the art theatres, each of which has a presentation on different aspects of space exploration and the cosmos for the general public. In addition the Astronomy Museum houses in its 35,000 square foot exhibition space various models and graphical representations of the solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy; many of which are exquisitely detailed not found anywhere else. The collections of various astronomical equipments belonging to different eras of space exploration are also a crowd favorite.

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