17 November 2011

Chi Lin Nunnery – A Blissful Haven

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In the heart of Diamond Hill Kowleen, stands a stunning monastery complex that depicts architecture from the historical Tang Dynasty. Covering an area of over 33,000 square meters, this temple complex is where the Chi Lin Nunnery stands and reflects an aura of tranquil serenity that can be felt by anyone who sets foot into this beautiful monastery.

Chi Lin Nunnery is indeed a peaceful place, with gorgeous lotus plants floating on ponds, immaculate bonsai trees, the soft petals of the bougainvillea swaying in the winds and disciples gracefully placing offerings to Buddha’s statues and arhats. This is a place that would definitely sweep you out of reality into a blissful haven where everything is perfect and peaceful. The design too is an interesting attraction, using not a single nail; the technology behind the interlocking of the wood is a reflection of the methods used in the period of the Tang Dynasty. The interlocking system is also intended to illustrate the harmony of humans with nature which is so beautifully portrayed in this Nunnery.

The complex can be entered through a series of three gates called Sam Mun. The first courtyard one would encounter is the Lotus Pond Garden followed by the Hall of the Celestial Kings that contains a large statue of the seated Buddha surrounded by a number of deities. The Sakyamuni Buddha can be found in the main hall which is flanked by two seated bodhisattvas and two standing disciples.

Another interesting attraction in the vicinity is the Nan Lian Garden. Meticulously landscaped over a large expanse of 3.5 hectares this is similar to the Garden of Eden beside the sacred Chi Lin Nunnery, affording breathtaking scenery with every rock, hill and plant having been placed in accordance with specific rules and methods. There are also some interesting exhibitions of potted plants, rocks and Chinese Timber architecture, found in the garden.

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