06 November 2011

Aquaria KLCC – Unveiling the Mysteries of the Underwaters

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Amaze your holiday with a trip to Aquaria KLCC as you experience the wonders of life as it happens in the waters of the deepest ocean. Take this opportunity to witness, touch and spend time with many colourful and exotic marine-life species that may seem threatening, gentle and may even be unbelievably cute! From the beginning of your journey, you’ll first be briefed along an Evolutionary Wall of how the species rolled on from millennia before. Then the excitement begins! Whet your appetite for adventure by watching the ravenous Piranhas as they glimmer along the waters with a smug on their face. Spotted starfish, bamboo shark and horseshoe crab wait in the Touch Pool waiting for your company. Enjoy all this and more at the Aquaria KLCC with your friends and family!

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