05 Oktober 2011

Sky100 – Peek from a Peak

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It is not just the view that spreads miles into the horizon or the beauty of the city from above that makes this such a hallmark destination for locals and tourists alike. The 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre has been transformed into a repository of historical chronicles, cultural scripts and tourist information, making it a must see for students, foreigners, historians and artists.
Once you ascend to the hundredth floor you are uncertain as to whether the giddiness you experience is due to the elevator ride that sped up to the hundredth floor in sixty seconds or the awe inspiring surroundings that strike you the moment you step out. The high tech equipment in place send people into a frenzy and the 360 degree view of the city with the sea waves lapping on one side and the town abuzz with activity on the other make jaws drop. The interactive touch screen facilities open doors for visitors to explore a plethora of information about Hong Kong, giant screens narrate stories of native culture and traditions and a guided tour takes visitors through different districts of Hong Kong whilst explaining their inherent features in English, Putonghua, Cantonese or Japanese. Foreigners will find the tourist information desks and the tour itineraries useful when planning their stay.
In short, the state of the art equipment grants you the opportunity to peek into the unseen side of Hong Kong from the peak of the country’s commercial centre itself. Before winding up a tour don’t miss the souvenir and gift shop or the café. The gift shop has an assortment of trinkets and exclusive Sky100 merchandise, which are perfect tokens for those at home. The café serves authentic local snacks and gourmet meals to complement the indigenous surroundings.  
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