24 Oktober 2011

Phuket Mangroves, a natural scenic attraction

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Phuket, an island located off the mainland of Thailand has gained great renown as a tourist destination. One of its lesser known attractions is its mangrove forests which create a unique environment unlike any other. The mangroves are crucial in the local ecosystem, acting as nurseries for crustaceans and fish, and also serve as natural barriers from flood impact and large waves. However the mangrove environment also offers many pleasurable activities for the inquisitive traveller.

Mountain biking through the mangroves is always a memorable experience. Tour companies will provide a 21-24 gear mountain bike, as well as an English conversant guide, a support vehicle, drinking water, fruit, coffee and snacks. Always an agreeable way to enjoy the scenery of the countryside, a bicycle tour will enable the tourist to explore the area, visiting places seldom seen by most tourists, such as traditional villages, rubber and coconut estates and naturally, the mangroves.

For those who would prefer a more exhilarating mode of exploring the environs, there is nothing like an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) excursion. The ATVs provided are great fun to drive, and the tour will take you into secluded local beaches and rubber plantations. The visitor will enjoy the sensational landscape, with the captivating mangroves rising from twisting elongated roots. The ATVs may not be fast, but are always exciting for everyone.
Kayaking among the mangroves is always an unforgettable experience, and if your party has at least four people, this is a truly memorable way to spend a few hours. A two kilometre canoe excursion along the Mudong canal will provide a mesmerizing glimpse into the forests of the area, and the visitor will see the inhabitants of the mangroves such as birds, macaque monkeys and reptiles.

If you are fortunate enough to have more time on your hands, you should definitely try out a more extensive safari in the area. According to your preference you will be able to venture out exploring the mangroves, on a jungle trek on foot, elephant trekking, canoeing on the River Sok, or embarking on a visit to the amazing limestone cliffs of the immense Chieo Lan reservoir.

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