27 Oktober 2011

Knowsley Safari Park – An Oasis for Animal Lovers

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Opened back in the day when the concept of ‘safari park’ was unique, Knowsley Safari Park was one of the first such attractions to be created in Liverpool City. Despite various controversies that took place regarding the possible issues that may occur due to the large amount of animals especially lions wandering around near the city, the proposal for the Knowsley Safari Park was approved by the then County and District councils.

In the beginning, among the main attractions of the park were monkeys, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, elephants, zebras and various antelopes. However after an extension that took place in 1973, more animals were added to the collection including herds of buffalos, camels, tigers and white rhinos.

The lions and tigers are currently displayed only in enclosures in game reserves whilst at the end of the safari drive are elephants in their own paddock. The monkey jungle is ideal for visitors who wish to have close encounters with hyper baboons.

Having won few awards for its animal husbandry and contribution to tourism, the park has become a leading leisure attraction in Merseyside. Among the special attractions within the Knowsley Safari Park, the Sealion Show is very popular among young children. Demonstrating the special abilities of these animals, this show proves to be entertaining and educational. The adorable Sea lions will stun you as they run, jump and leap presenting a spectacular show.

Featuring a diverse selection of farm yard animals, the Lake Farm is a unique attraction at the park. Among the many species living here are mules, goats, pigs, rabbits and donkeys. In addition to these features, the park offers visitors various amusement rides such as Jungle Safari, Lakeside Railway, Bumble Bees, Carousel, Honeypot Bears, Mini Pirate Ship, Safari Train, Safari Jeeps and more. Offering numerous cold and hot food, two restaurants are also located within the vicinity.

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