27 Oktober 2011

Fishing In Maldives – A Land of Plenty

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Maldives is the land of sunshine and pristine beaches, and the waters surrounding it are teeming with life. In fact, one hardly has to wade into the water to get acquainted with the aquatic fauna. So it is no surprise that Maldives is one of the largest fishing destinations in the world.

The warm waters around Maldives acts as a home to a stunning variety of fish, and the fishing industry is the backbone of the local economy. The presence of big game fish like tuna, sailfish, dolphin fish (mahi-mahi); barracuda and groupers make the island any angler’s dream come true. For tourists visiting the nation, a day of fishing can prove to be relaxing and tons of fun. Hiring a fishing boat, or a 'dhoni' as they are known in the vernacular, is inexpensive and includes experienced fishermen to navigate the craft.

Typically the boats set sail once the first rays of the sun touches the cool silver waters. They then head out to sea and anchor somewhere close to the atolls. Generally cut fish bits are thrown overboard to draw the fish. It is also possible to hire a boat to set sail in the evening. Night fishing has become extremely popular. It provides anglers with an opportunity to land a variety of nocturnal fishes, including snappers, squirrel fish and other reef fish. This activity is also suitable for those who are not interested in fishing, as they can lie on the deck and enjoy the stars instead.

Tourists who plan on fishing while visiting the islands should always be mindful of the local fishing laws. For example, whales, dolphins and turtles along with certain other species of fish are off limits. It is also illegal to remove coral from the country. The reef system off the coast of Maldives is sensitive and is vulnerable to damage, so it is important that tourists follow government guidelines.

A good Maldives resort will not only be able to give guests more information on what not to do, they will also be able to provide a list of places to hire a dhoni. The Anantara Dhigu, Maldives is very helpful in this regard and is a terrific place to stay, especially for first time visitors. It is also one of the highest ranked Maldives luxury hotels.