20 Oktober 2011

Firefly Theme Park – Night-time Wonderland of Xiamen

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Enjoying the glittering dance of a swarm of fireflies is usually among one of the memorable childhood pastimes of many of us who has had the luck and chance to live out or vacation in the countryside. Whether making a lightshow in a glass jar or blipping away in the backyard, these rather queer and fascinating insects never fail to capture the imagination of youngsters. These lightening bugs and the sense of wonder they invoke has been taken a step further in at the coast city of Xiamen in Southern China with the Firefly Theme Park.

The newly opened Firefly Theme Park of Xiamen is centred on children and the fireflies that enchant them. Located on the Yiqinggu Valley area of the city, it is a youngster’s wonder-world spread across a wide area that is home to an innumerable multitude of fireflies that light up in dusk like constellations. This theme park does not treat you to the usual fair of over the top thrill rides and awesome shows but a fun and imaginative experience with these fascinating insects, and most importantly a chance to learn their ecological importance as natural predators of pests and also explore the ways of ensuring their survival in the human dominated world.

The best time for visiting the Firefly Theme Park is late evening or early in the night time when its light-bearing residents come out and live up to their namesake. With nightfall, the firebugs gather up in large numbers around the tree groves and bushes of the park and shine their lights creating an interesting spectacle that children and adults alike tend to find themselves captivated with. Apart from observing the lightshow, you can also take part in the Environmental Awareness Classroom where you can learn how the firefly maintains the environmental balance by controlling populations of pests such as slugs and snails, and the importance of saving them with the environmental degradation which is increasing daily.

It’s quite easy to get to the Firefly Theme Park from any Xiamen hotel you are staying at; just make sure you have made a visit reservation at the park, as it is compulsory. Make sure you enquire about Xiamen hotel specials while you are there, as places like the Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen offers some great packages for tourists.