18 Oktober 2011

Discover China’s Illustrious Expat Legacy at Xiamen’s Overseas Chinese Museum

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Set up in 1956 and opened to the public three years later, the Overseas Chinese Museum in Xiamen is a curious institution of national significance. Documenting and tracing the evolution of the progress and contributions made by expatriate Chinese residents, this unique museum pays tribute to their achievements while examining their impact on Chinese culture over the years. Housing well over 7000 exhibits the 50,000 square meter complex is the brainchild and the ward of renowned expat Tan Kah-kee who returned to the homeland after many successful years overseas. Serving as its founder and president, Kah-Kee believes that it is imperative that the public be aware of the scientific and cultural changes in a society so as to better understand the social ramifications of immigration.

Situated at the base of Fengchao Hill, the main building of the museum occupies 4000 square meters and takes the shape of a palace structure. Made from granite, the venue is separated in to six galleries dealing with namely the contribution of overseas Chinese to mainland China, the development and cultivation of the overseas Chinese, tragedies suffered by overseas Chinese prior to Liberation, the great relationships between expat Chinese and the host nations, policy reviews of expat Chinese residents and a quarter devoted to examining past and present expat Chinese communities. Displaying handicrafts, cultural items and unearthed ancient relics most of which were acquired by its founder himself, the museum’s three exhibition halls showcase 5,000 sculptures, pottery, bronze ware and art work belonging to ancient dynasties as well as 3000 animal specimens. Plants and aquatic objects in addition to 5000 documents, photographs and other matter relating to the history of expat Chinese communities are also available at the museum which also houses ancient mummies from Xinjiang, Mongolian folk relics and stunning Tri-color glazed pottery.

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