31 Oktober 2011

A day trip to the Tiger Cave Temple

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The Tiger Cave Temple is situated in the immediate outskirts of Krabi Town in southern Thailand. A Theravada Buddhist temple, this famous place of worship is also known as "Wat Tam Seua" in Thai language. It is regarded by the Buddhists in Krabi as one of the most sacred religious places in the area. A perfect place to go on a day trip for travellers in Ko Lanta, Krabi, Phangna and Ao Nang, this holy place is well known for its astonishing beauty and scenery.

It is believed that when the temple was founded by Ajarn Jumnien, there had been a tiger that lived in a cave, thus rendering the temple its name. Today the cave in which the tiger is believed to have lived is a major attraction in the premises and many visitors climb all the way up to the cave to see it. The climb to the shrine can be either very strenuous or moderately strenuous, all depending on the staircase a climber chooses.

Not only for those who are religious, but also for others, this place has a number of sights. Among the many attractions of this sanctuary are an ancient jungle in its foothills area and a mountain peak that is 260 meters high, which can be reached by climbing a gruelling 1,237 steps to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. From the summit of this hill the climber can enjoy the panorama further beautified by serene Buddhist statues. One of the best times to ascend the hill is towards the sunset and particularly on full moon days when one can witness both the sun setting and the moon rising which is one of a kind experience that has become ever more popular with the visitors.

For those who are keen to pick up a souvenir at the temple in order to keep in mind the memorable climb and the awe inspiring scenery, there are Thai good luck amulets which are blessed by Ajarn Jumnien, who is known as Thailand's Good Luck Monk.

Tourists who want to explore the caves, forests and the beaches can base themselves at one of the many Krabi luxury resorts and hotels in the vicinity. Anantara Si Kao, Thailand is an exceptional Trang hotel where you are sure to be pampered after a tiring day exploring the many attractions in the area.