06 September 2011

See the world’s smallest grounded birds at Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony

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Tiny, blue and peculiar, little blue penguins are a rarer species of the flightless birds that inhabit the coastlines of both New Zealand and Australia. Standing at a height of 25cm and only weighing 1kg, little blue penguins are the smallest of the 17 species of penguin. They also have the peculiar habit of being nocturnal which makes them harder to view, but fortunately The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony in New Zealand negates this issue.
Little Blue Penguin Colony offers travellers to New Zealand the perfect spot in which to observe the penguins going about their daily routines without disturbing them. The colony offers visitors two options when it comes to viewing the penguins. To see the penguins come ashore and scuttle up the rocks towards their burrows after fishing, for this sighting visitors should come at dusk. Alternatively when arriving during the day, the penguins and their chicks (depending on the time of the year) can be seen as they nest.
The day option also provides visitors the chance to get a look behind the scenes at the efforts being made at the colony to protect the penguins. The colony offers the option of discovering how everything works on your own or through a guided tour. Regardless of which option is chosen, both provide insights in to the lifecycle of the blue penguin as well as the opportunity to see them up close in their nesting boxes.
The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony also serves as part of a conservation effort to ensure that these unique little creatures remained protected from modern day hazards. Every step is taken to ensure that the penguins at the colony are breeding correctly. Hazards that the penguins are protected from include being preyed upon by animals that have been introduced to the environment by man and being run over when crossing roads close to the coast.
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