13 September 2011

Marlborough Sounds – A picturesque helping of nature

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The Marlborough Sounds is one of the most serene, peaceful and stunning sights to take in when travelling to New Zealand. Consisting of a series of sea drowned valleys that collectively form a water maze of sorts, the entire area is blessed with a rich helping of natural beauty that include lush greenery and pristine beaches.
The Marlborough Sounds is surrounded by forested hills that literally spring right from the edge of the crystal clear waters. Those who choose to traverse through the sounds have several methods in which to do so including by ferry, kayak, sail and motorboat. The entire area conveys a feeling of freshness and purity that is truly invigorating to the senses. Being sparsely populated, visitors will also experience a good deal of isolation allowing for a secluded and private experience.
The Marlborough Sounds is also littered with a helping of restaurants that serve cuisine of different culinary preparations. This allows travellers to stop at a venue of their choosing which provides for a good deal of spontaneity to help keep your trip more vibrant.
Other activities that are popular at Marlborough Sounds include fishing, tramping, cycling and even walking which is an extremely pleasant experience beside the lush scenery that the entire area provides.
The waters of the Marlborough Sounds also serve as the home to a host of marine life including dolphins, tiny blue penguins, seals and many others that can be glimpsed during your travel. A variety of birdlife also resides here further presenting an even more impressive level of biodiversity.
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