22 Agustus 2011

Understanding China and its history through an amazing gallery of Stone Steles

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Walking into the Forest of Stone Steles in Xian, the curious traveler comes face to face with the ancient history of prestigious and renowned dynasties in China. Over 3000 steles in their deep, firm engravings offer a peek into a history so intriguing and engrossing that this museum has become a main attraction point for all visitors to Xian.

Located in Sanxue Street close to the south gate of the city wall of Xian, this museum that holds the largest collection of stone steles in China has an origin as far back as the year 1087. It has received inspiration from several dynasties including the Han Dynasty and Qing Dynasty and its seven exhibition halls contain a rich assortment of epigraphs and inscribed stones that shed light on Chinese calligraphy and historic recordings as well as works of painting.

Built on the ground where a Confucius Temple was previously located, the museum which is constructed in the style of Chinese monastic architecture takes up 31,900 sq.meters for six corridors, rooms and pavilions. The first hall holds a remarkable stele, the largest in the museum. Created with engravings like weed vine, it is constructed from 4 stones with a tablet of stone as the foundation and is called ‘Shitai Xiaojing’. In room one there are 12 lections inscribed on 114 steles. The ‘Book of Songs’ and ‘The Book of History’ are sure to capture the attention of those travelers who are enthusiastic about these ancient lections.

The fine artistic elements of Chinese lettering and their evolution are remarkably obvious in Forest of Stone Steles in Xian. For those who are eager to discover and delve into the ancient Chinese calligraphy, carving skills and fine painting, there is no place like the forest of Stone Stele, correctly named for its rich wilderness of precious material for the scholars of history.

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