02 Agustus 2011

Strolling Down Fiordland National Park In New Zealand And Explore Nature At Its Best

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It’s where the distinction between earth and heaven is hazy, where lofty glaziers have dipped their feet into the ocean’s water to create beautiful fiords long ago and snow capped mountains keep their heads high to be caressed by the soft, fluffy clouds that drift in a pleasant reverie. In Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, the sheer wilderness of the southern hemisphere is abundant and ravishing. Glazed with ice, laced with half frozen lakes, frolicking water cascades, and lush rain forests embedded with rare treasures of fauna and flora, the largest national park in New Zealand is indeed made of the surreal beauty that dreams are made of.

Placed in the south west corner of the South Island, this UNESCO Heritage Site spans 1.2 million hectares, being one of the largest parks in the world and is bordered by a mountain range on the east and embraced on all other sides by the Tasman Sea. Fourteen fiords that are flooded by the sea and formed due to glaziers of 100 years ago are the hallmarks of the park. The park can be viewed by several tracks and trails that lie along some of the most picturesque sites in the world and the ‘Milford Track’ is one that consumes five days for completion and is termed the ‘finest walk in the world’. Other noteworthy attractions include New Zealand’s deepest lake – Lake Hauroko, and Sutherland Falls that is ranked among the highest waterfalls in the world descending in 3 spectacular cascades.

In addition to the tracks and walkways, sea kayaking can be tried at the fiords while diving offers a rare encounter with deep sea plants and creatures. Scenic flights and cruises can easily be arranged while fishing and hunting though popular require special permits. The park can be reached through the Milford Road. Rain is a common visitor being induced by the misty air blown off the steep coastline and paving the way for the flourishing greenery of the rain forests.

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