01 Agustus 2011

The Stonehenge - Stoned in history and encased in mystery..

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The Stonehenge is a site of speculation, a site of unsolved mystery and concealed facts, and of powerful evidence and intriguing facts and it is clear that no ordinary event has given birth to it, transpired on its grounds or sealed its fate.

Situated about 3.2 km from Amesbury in England countryside, Stonehenge is supposedly the oldest and the best preserved megalithic structure (meaning large ancient stone creation) on earth and archaeological evidence point to dates as far back as 5000 years for its origin. The Stonehenge consists of a large concentric ring of upright stones and their placement corresponds with the sunrise on the summer solstice indicating the fact that it was originally built as a place of worship. The awe- inspiring structure that is seen today and stands on a grassy plain and surrounded by a ditch was actually built in what is believed to be the third stage of construction. The first phase was believed to begin with a circular ditch created surrounding this place using deer antlers. Something that baffles even the archaeologists is the construction of what are known as blue stones, which were granite stones each weighing of about 4 tons and were brought from a quarry nearly 250 miles away and constructed in the next phase.

What we see today is the circle of upright pairs of sarsen stones each topped with a horizontal cap and constructed in the next period. Within this, a horse shoe shaped assembly of stones took place which was enhanced with the formation of bluestones in the same manner almost a century later.

In spite of the changes wrought by time and weather, the Stonehenge continues to impress and baffle its steady flow of visitors to the countryside of England with its deep history, its unexplained mystery and the amazing amount of human labour and skill of which it is a marvellous witness.

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