30 Agustus 2011

St. Louis Zoo - Observing Nature at its Best

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Famous for its beer, baseball and bowling, St. Louis rides high on the ‘places to see in America’ list. Along with its musical history and iconic landmarks, this lively city manages to keep the flame burning even in the dead of winter. Literally born in the year 1764 when gold fever was hitting the continent, St. Louis became the jump-off point for dreamers looking to get rich. The rest as they say is history, as this visionary city grew in leaps and bounds towards the 21st century.

Keeping in line with its taste for treasure, the St. Louis Zoo is a veritable minefield of abundance. Housing close to 23,000 exotic animals – most of whom are rare or endangered, and representing the major biomes and continents of the world. Placed between vast lakes, rolling hills and expansive Forest Park, it’s guaranteed to take your breath away.

Wondering why this zoo in particular is so special? Apart from being able to see animals in their natural habitats, it also has a stunning landscape to witness. River’s Edge – where elephants roam around and cheetahs and hyenas wonder near by, The Wild – where every animal from penguins to great apes can be seen, and Red Rocks – where lions and tigers makes their homes alongside antelope and zebras, are a few of the many attractions this diverse zoo has on offer.

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