03 Agustus 2011

Ragunan Zoo: where education and entertainment combine

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Located in South Jakarta, Ragunan Zoo is one of the region’s most popular attractions with over 3 million annual visitors. The park was founded in 1864 by the Dutch Flora and Fauna Lovers’ Association. Initially 10 hectares in size, it is now a sprawling complex spreading over an area of 135 hectares. Ragunan follows the “open zoo concept” thereby housing its animals in environs as close to their natural habitats as possible as well as allowing visitors to view animals in a natural environment.

The lush, tropical zoo is home to approximately 550 different animal and plant species. 90% of its 270 species of fauna are native to Indonesia rendering it an important place for those who wish to observe the country’s rich biodiversity. It is also a central institution engaged in animal conservation through its program for breeding endangered species in captivity. Sumatran and white tigers, dwarf buffaloes, komodo dragons and paradise birds are several of the species that have been successfully bred.
The Ragunan Zoo offers a unique experience which combines both education and entertainment as shown by its varied facilities. In addition to the general exhibits, it is equipped with a special children’s zoo. This contains domesticated animals such as rabbits, chickens, cows and goats that children are allowed to hold and feed. The children’s park is ideal for birthday parties or an enjoyable outing. The Canoe Park is an artificial lake dotted with islands containing a variety of exotic creatures. Canoe rides are available for visitors who wish to circle the islands. Ragunan is also complete with research facilities and an Information Centre for the public making it an ideal place for people of all ages.

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