04 Agustus 2011

Penang’s Most Prized Possession Is – The Fort Cornwallis

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Penang, Malaysia is one of the countries second smallest populated towns located northwest of the peninsula. However, this small town boasts some of the world’s renowned tourist attractions to discover. Travellers planning to schedule a trip to Penang are definitely in for a jaw dropping experience.

With a range of things to do and see in Penang, one such attraction to discover is the Fort Cornwallis, an ancient old fort shaped in the form of a star. Situated northeast of Penang, this historical structure is recognized as the largest standing fort in the country. Fort Cornwallis, named after the late governor General Charles Cornwallis of Bengal, India was built in 1786. Covering an area of over 417.6 square feet, this giant architecture continues to this date – be a place where history was illustrated.

The Fort Cornwallis, in 1804 was renovated using bricks and stones as a mark of change in governors that occupied this house. However, after the completion, the fort served as a defence mechanism against the Kedah, the pirates and the French due to the Napoleonic Wars.

When walking along the vicinity of this ancient monument you will come across a chapel on the southwest side of the bastion, this church was built in 1799 and it still stands to this very day. Further, you will also see a gunpowder magazine that was once used as a weapon to fight off enemies and their ships. Adding to its array of attractions within its area is a giant statue of Francis Light – the man that landed on the island in 1786 to take possession of Penang. The statue overlooks the picturesque fort decorated with canons facing the great wide ocean.

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