03 Agustus 2011

Hamarikyu Gardens – attain peace of mind when in Tokyo

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One of the 47 prefectures of Japan, the Tokyo metropolis is the centre of the world’s most populated urban area. It is a massive, wealthy and modern metropolis, with high-tech futuristic scenes along with a touch of ancient Japan, bringing something exciting for everyone. Although this extremely urbanized and vibrant city with its sea of buildings and people may seem intimidating at times, once you observe it carefully, you ought to learn that Tokyo has its own types of charms and attractions. One such place worth mentioning is Hamarikyu Gardens.

Originating nearly 300 years ago, Hamarikyu Gardens is a public park sited at the mouth of Sumida River in Chuo, Tokyo, Japan. Ideally enclosing a sea water moat carrying water from the Tokyo Bay and a tidal pond, it was modified as a public garden park. The garden possesses a tranquil atmosphere that heals visitors’ body and soul.

On entering the garden one will see that it is divided into two separate areas. The garden had become the detached palace of some royal families after the restoration of Meiji, which is the same reason it was named Hamarikyu. In 1952, it was selected as a special historic site and a place of scenic beauty, based on Japan’s cultural properties protection law. Skyscraping structures of the Shiodome business area add some contrast to the magnificent view of Hamarikyu.

This park is known as a typical Daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) garden, featuring artificial rocks and hills, a pond, a tea house, pathways, and some architecture of ancient structures as well as tiles and woodwork. One of the many captivating views this garden presents is the stunning view of Sakura leaves creating a contrast with the city’s buildings. The scenery from inside this park is utterly exquisite; a stroll along the bridge which leads to the tea house provides a feast for the eyes with various types of beautiful birds freely flying around, revitalizing your spirits. The classic scene of Hamarikyu is breathtaking; with the colourful flowers and tree leaves adorning the beauty of the traditional bridge crossing the pond and the modern city in the background.

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