23 Agustus 2011

Duke Center for Living, a top medical facility

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The Duke Center for Living at Duke University features a multitude of wellness and health programs which offer personalized cutting-edge care. Several different programs and clinics fall under the management of the center. These modern medical facilities are housed in elegant buildings on the conveniently designed campus. Medical professionals are at hand to provide assistance and information so as to tailor the services to suit your timeframe, needs and budget.

The comprehensively equipped Duke Health & Fitness Center provides a wide selection of all-round wellness programs that promote long lasting constructive lifestyle changes in individuals of varying physical conditions and fitness levels. The specialist staff available includes personal trainers, exercise physiologists, massage therapists, dieticians, physical therapists and health psychologists.

Offering an invaluable service the Duke Diet & Fitness Center is counted amongst the most esteemed treatment venues on the globe for obese or overweight persons. The residential therapeutic weight control program assists individuals subject to unsatisfactory physical fitness and excessive weight to attain better health levels via physical training, weight reduction and better self-care.

The Duke Executive Health Program is devoted to maintaining a favorable condition of bodily well-being. To maintain this condition with today’s hectic lifestyle the Duke programs aim to lessen stress levels and provide instruction on habits for healthy living. All aspects of physical well-being are addressed by experienced medical professionals.

Meanwhile Duke Integrative Medicine aims to enable individuals to achieve and maintain optimum well-being. All factors relating to the aspects of healing, health and treatment of disease are addressed through a combination of cutting-edge medical innovations and well-established complementary treatments.

Another key attribute is the Preventive Cardiology program. Situated in the Andrew G. Wallace Clinic this set of treatments offers expert diagnosis and courses of action to optimize heart health and overall wellbeing. Specialized tests, imaging techniques and cutting-edge technology are used by this clinic.

On the other hand the Women’s Wellness Clinic provides individualized health regimens for females at high risk of breast or gynecological cancer, with expert physicians on the staff.

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