29 Agustus 2011

Butterfly Paradise – Home of the Winged Beauties

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Ko Samui, a land of natural beauty and charm is located off the east of the Kra Isthmus of Thailand. The island is rich with natural resources, sandy white beaches and coconut trees.

The Butterfly Garden in Ko Samui is one place that is under appreciated by most tourists as visitors to the island tend to focus on the beaches. However, this garden is a gem amongst others and it features thousands of butterflies and a myriad of plant species. The Butterfly Garden aims not only to educate the community amount amazing insects, but it also serves as a research facility. The garden is built into the hillside in a natural setting and it contains a deluge of butterflies, moths and other insects. Home to over forty species of butterflies and 6000 of them per month, the garden also boasts a Bee House where one can observe bees in various stages of development.

The garden is a tranquil, colourful setting with many places to stop, sit down and cool off and not to mention the frequent decorative waterfalls that provide calm to the mind of the visitor. The garden is a kaleidoscope of colour thanks to the many vibrant flowers that bloom there in addition to the weird, wonderful and amazing butterflies that sip on nectar, waltz delicately on stems of plants and sometimes, even land on your hand for a friendly hello. The Butterfly Garden features an insect museum for bug enthusiasts and it features rare insects from all over Thailand. This tropical wonderland is an ideal place for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

The garden was created specifically for the butterflies of Asia and it is a relaxing venture for the whole family. Some of the butterflies in the garden are large, with a wingspan of about up to 25cm and most butterflies are endangered. The garden provides a safe refuge and breeding ground for these winged beauties. However, the dense foliage of the garden is also a dwelling for other amazing creepy crawlies like crickets, grasshoppers and stick insects. Furthermore, the stages of a butterfly’s life are represented in the garden with the many golden cocoons that hang secretly amongst the leaves of the many trees.

The garden is well laid out and provides a idyllic setting for anyone. It’s a place for the whole family. If your kids get tired, there is refreshment available for them in the form of cool drinks and ice cream. Or, if you are alone, you can always choose to find yourself a shady tree and lie on the grass and engross yourself in a book if you feel tired of walking. There are also many water features that provide serenity to the surroundings.

Butterflies gather at the feeding stations dotted all over the garden. These feeding stations are comprised of an assortment of fruits and flowers. Delicate winged butterflies often can be found lounging on strips of pineapple or orange at these feeding stations, providing you with ample opportunity to photograph and admire them. What makes the garden so unique is that you will never come across the same butterfly on a repeated visit to the garden. Butterflies have a short life span, so even if you visit the garden two days in the row, you are bound to come across a whole different set of butterflies, some of them even new born!

This Butterfly Garden in Ko Samui is well worth the visit. If you are looking for a Ko Samui resort that is in within easy reach of the garden, you have numerous choices. If you would like to kick-back and relax on the beach after a day of trudging through the dense vegetation of the Butterfly Garden, a Samui beach resort like Anantara Lawana, Ko Samui is the best choice for you.