19 Agustus 2011

Botanic Gardens Singapore- The Breathtakingly beautiful botanical garden of Singapore

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Walk into the Botanic Gardens Singapore at any time of day and you will not be disappointed. It is one of the few gardens that are open for long hours and also do not charge a penny except for the entrance of its orchid garden. This garden which originated as an experimental place for new agricultural crops and plantation was shut down in 1829 and later, after it was taken over by the agricultural society, it has acquired its present state and is currently operated under the government.

The garden today is breathtaking with its nicely arranged landscape, its profusion of flowers and abundance of rare plant species. The garden spans over 63 hectares and among its many unique attractions, the orchid garden takes the centre stage. Located in the mid western part of the garden, this national orchid park has its very own attractions from its VIP orchid garden to its Orchidariu and the Tan hoon Miang misthouse that contains many colourful hybrids. The Coolhouse has preserved and continues to maintain the environment of a tropical forest and features orchids found in those type of climes.

Walking further one will discover a small rain forest within the garden that is even older than the garden itself .Not forgetting the next generation, a children’s park is also included in the garden complete with a play area, mazes, tree houses etc. Adding a contrast to the greenery of the garden, there are three lakes of blue green waters. Among these, the symphony lake offers a novel encounter with a live musical experience amongst the foliage in the open space of the garden. On a more academic tone, the National Bio Diversity centre also could be found within the premises of the garden.

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