30 Agustus 2011

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre - A One of a Kind Experience

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Everything about Thailand can be summarised in Bangkok, the country's large, cosmopolitan capital. First time visitors may find the city difficult to take in. The buzz of activity around the metropolis is dizzying and can confuse new tourists, but it is surprising how quickly one can get used to it. Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise, its electric nightlife will appeal to one’s fun loving side, and both novice and seasoned travellers will appreciate the city's public transport system which not only helps circumvent congestion but also services all major tourist attractions.

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) is a relatively recent addition to Bangkok's long list of tourist spots. Located at the busy Pathumwan Intersection it has quickly become a tourist, as well as local favourite. While the project was originally conceived and started in 1995, the art centre only opened its doors to the public in 2007. The BACC houses both contemporary and traditional artwork. However, the exhibits here span many media including theatre, film, music and even design contributing to its broad appeal.

Unlike most other similar facilities, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre has a warm and casual atmosphere, encouraging visitors to relax and take their time as they explore the diverse art selection. The centre also contains a cafe, a restaurant and a bookshop. Getting there is quite easy, and visitors have the option of taking a bus, Sky Train or even a boat. The art centre is open from 10 am to 9 pm on all days except Mondays. While the entrance for the exhibits is generally free, there maybe a charge when special events are held. The entry fee for concerts and plays vary.

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