25 Agustus 2011

Al Mamzar Park, a tranquil retreat

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The beautiful Al Mamzar Beach Park in the desert city of Dubai is one of its prime leisure and recreational destinations. Locals and foreign visitors seeking pleasure and amusement often frequent the grounds, which is surprisingly uncrowded on weekdays. The verdant area extending over an area of no less than 106 hectares has the distinction of being among the most expansive parks in Dubai. Numerous grassy spaces ideal for a picnic are found in the premises, and the visitor may enjoy a leisurely walk along the numerous labyrinthine pathways which wind their way through the area. The greenery seen here includes diverse flowers, wall plants and trees including 300 coconut trees, 1600 palm trees and many varieties of other trees and bushes. Pleasant Arabian piped music is played throughout the hours of the day.

One of Al Mamzar’s most popular aspects is its beach section which features scenic beaches and a picturesque lagoon. Five large beach areas are available, with changing rooms, watchtowers, lifeguards and shaded areas for visitors.

The park contains an expansive swimming pool separated into three areas for the use of adults and children. Always available are shades, seats, showers, changing rooms, ever-present lifeguards and a snackhouse.

Visitors can opt to take advantage of the games areas available on the premises; children are sure to be thrilled by the facilities on offer including hanging and climbing apparatus as well as sledges. Adults may choose to use the athletic training ground which is set amongst palm trees.

For the family desiring to enjoy a tranquil barbeque lunch Al Mamzar Park will not disappoint, with 28 designated areas available equipped with grilles, modern barbeque sets, seats and umbrellas.

The grounds also contain other attractions such as the 8 metre high tower situated at the centre of the park which provides visitors with a panoramic view of the area. The large amphitheatre found at Al Mamzar is used to host various musical performances. The skate park located on the premises is often crowded with young men trying to outdo each other performing jumps and tricks.

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