07 Juli 2011

A Water Wonderland – Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World in Auckland

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Situated in the North of New Zealand, the Auckland metropolitan area is the largest urban region in the country. The geography, the climate and the multitude of beautiful sites that surrounds the city simply adds to the zeal of the place. The city of Auckland is a brimming with culture and it is without a doubt that anyone who visits Auckland would definitely find their hands full with many leisure activities to partake in and with many exciting places to visit in and around the city.

One such popular attraction within the city is Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World. The invention of marine archaeologist Kelly Tarlton, this underwater public aquarium was established in 1985 and uses acrylic shaping unlike other underwater aquariums, allowing curved tunnels for viewing and thereby giving the visitors a more holistic experience.

The aquarium is home to many different types of marine creatures. Carefully selected, there are over 1800 marine animals that have made the aquarium waters their home. In addition, another section of this marine marvel is the shark arena. Filled with sharks such as the Bonze Whaler, the Sevengill shark and the School shark, the vicinity is also home to sting rays. Unlike other aquariums, Kelly Tarlton’s provides a wide range of facilities and a unique experience. The underwater aquarium provides many activities suitable for visitors of all ages. These include the Antarctic Encounter, The Underwater World and the most exciting activity of all, the Animal Adventures.

The Antarctic Encounter is home to the only sub-Antarctic penguins in New Zealand. There are Gentoo Penguins and King Penguins living in the icy domain and visitors get to see an 80+ colony of King Penguins at an arm’s length.

The Underwater World, the main arena of the whole aquarium, brings you just a foot away from the most magnificent marine wildlife. The Sting-Ray Bay provides an awe-inspiring look at the giant Sting-Rays that inhabit the waters and further along the walkway, visitors will come face to face with a plethora of New Zealand’s coastal wildlife. Sand Tiger Sharks, Wobbegong Sharks, School Sharks; all could be seen swimming in distinct dark shapes while the watery landscape is brightened by the soothing spiral action of the turtles and the brightly coloured types of tropical fish like Lion Fish and even Piranha and Clown Triggerfish. Added to that there one will find Moral Eels, Octopi and even Crayfish and Sea Horses.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then Kelly Tarlton has ideal activities for you. The Shark Cage and the Shark Survival attract many tourists based on the excitement factor alone. The Shark Cage is an amazing way to get close to the most dangerous predators of the sea. The thick Perspex tank is submerged partially underwater and you can marvel at the Sting Rays and the myriad of sharks that would literally be swimming under your feet. However, those who are looking for something even more adventurous, the Shark Survival would be the most ideal deal. Visitors will be allowed to snorkel with experienced divers and come face to face with the sharks of the aquarium. Diving and snorkeling is heavily supervised, so there is no need to feel fear but just to feel the thrill of excitement as you watch the gargantuan, marvelous predators swimming past you nonchalantly.

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