08 Juli 2011

The tower that inspired the Chinese poets….

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Made of legends and written of endlessly by many poets, the yellow crane tower stands over the snake hill in China as if proud of its fame that has remained unwavering through many years. This imposing pagoda is built to depict a crane spreading its wings to fly which architecture actually belongs to the Qing dynasty at which period it was rebuilt all over due to a raging fire which brought down the entire tower to ashes. Originally the tower was built on as far as the three kingdoms period and at its initial stages has been used for military requirements as a watch tower which purpose was forgotten several years later. During the Tang dynasty, it inspired several poets to write brilliant stanzas in its praise which has earned the tower its fame and a place as a tourist destination even to this day. The tower has seen many dynasties go by, undergoing reconstructions at different periods the last one being the Qing dynasty to which it owes its current architecture.

The tower which is about 50 metres high has a roof built of yellow glazed tiles and has yellow upturned eaves at each floor made to resemble a crane flying skywards. Each floor is designed to resemble a theme, such as the first floor which is dedicated to legends and the third floor which is reserved to hold the many verses written in its favour. The view over the top of the tower is spectacular with the view of the Yantze River, its bridge and the cityscape of Wuhun visible like a map. Even from a distance, the view of the tower is the same from everywhere and there are accompanying small bronze cranes and memorials built nearby. Fondly referred to as the first scenery of heaven, the tower has earned the place as one of the four great towers in China and continues to enthrall visitors to this part of China.

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